The Marais

The Neighborhood

Like a romantic, festive and trendy village, the Marais district is an essential place in the center of Paris.

With a unique architecture, cobbled streets, buildings with white cut stones, Le Marais seduces walkers with a particular atmosphere, helps to relax in outstanding places up to the banks of La Seine.

In the center of Paris

Located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, Le Marais is full of historical sites, museums, art galleries, restaurants and shops. This area has a unique charm with private mansions from the 17th and 18th centuries which became heritage treasures.  


Historic, cultural, gastronomic and commercial district: enter the heart of the history of Paris.

Le Marché des Enfants-Rouge

500m – 8 minute walk

Created in 1615, it was called the small market of Le Marais. It is the oldest covered food court in Paris. Very much appreciated by Parisians, you can have lunch there in a friendly atmosphere. Different cuisines are offered, treat yourself to a culinary world tour.

Le Centre Georges Pompidou

800m – 10 minute walk

You can’t miss it, with an original and colored bright architecture, the Center Pompidou hosts the largest collection of modern and contemporary art. All around, share moments of relaxation in one of the many terraces of the neighborhood. Head to the village of Saint-Paul-Le-Marais to find unusual objects near the many small antique and design shops.

Carnavalet Museum : History of Paris

1,4km – 18 minute walk

It is the oldest museum of the city. For more than 150 years, collections as well as many exhibitions have traced the history of Paris, from prehistory to the present day. Curious to discover the amazing Baron Haussmann: you will spend quality time there.

La Place des Vosges

1,5km – 20 minute walk

Royal square until 1800, Place des Vosges is the oldest and prettiest square in Paris. 

You can stroll under the arcades and in the central garden. The 36 pavilions that surround the square were private mansions of the upper middle class and senior officials of the monarchy. You can also visit  Victor Hugo’s house.


Along rue Rambuteau (450m – a 6 minute walk from the hotel), you will have on your left the Museum of Jewish Art and History and further on the Hotel de Soubise, a private mansion that has become the National Archives Museum. If the weather is nice, hang around the “Peaceful Gardens for Romantic Walks”.


Straight on, the Francs Bourgeois street, appreciate the architectural beauty of private mansions: Hôtel d’Assy, Hôtel de Fontenay, Hôtel de Jaucourt. Take a moment at the Carnavalet Museum. Have a seat at a café terrace on the Place des Vosges, and if the weather is nice, laze on the grass for a moment.


A must-visit place: Rue Vieille du Temple. This is THE must-see street in Le Marais. Going north: trendy cafes, bars and Parisian nightlife. But also a cultural life with the Picasso museum: prestigious collections gathered in one of the most beautiful XVIIth century Marais private hotel.

Going south, you will get to Rue des Rosiers, a very lively street in the Jewish quarter of Le Marais. From there, let yourself be carried away by your desires, the shops, the atmosphere, the charm of a typical district of Paris.


A Walk Down Rue Vieille-du-Temple, Le Marais, Paris


Want a macaroon?  A Paris-Brest? Welcome in Le Marais, take a moment with french pastry chefs: Pierre Hermé, Philippe Conticini, Christophe Michalak. Or simply Ladurée.

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedrale

1,6km – 22 minute walk

From the hotel, take rue Beaubourg, you will pass in front of the Center Georges Pompidou, then the BHV Marais and the Hôtel de Ville.

Le Louvre et sa Pyramide

1,6km – 22 minute walk

Walk along La Seine and and hang around the Quai de la Mégisserie, with its booksellers, you will get to the Louvre Museum.